Tele ECG_System


Nanoray is the first company in India to deploy Tele-ECG system with remote monitoring & reporting facility on a PPP mode in the state of Telangana.


Laproscopy - Depuy Mitek, a Johnson and Johnson Company (USA)

  • HD 1920 x 1080p Camera System with in-built Recording
  • Light Sources LED / XENON
  • CO2 Insufflator 20ltr / 40 ltr
  • Medical Grade Monitors

Surgical Instruments - RZ Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany

  • Endoscopy Surgical Instruments

Nouvag Switzerland

  • ENT Micro Debrider & Drill

Diathermy - Kentamed, Belgium

  • Vessel Sealing Diathermy / Vessel Sealing Diathermy with Saline
  • Surgical Diathermy

OT Lights and Tables - VG Medical, China

  • Double dome Halogen Surgical Light Model Alpha700/700 or Alpha            700/500
  • Single Dome Halogen Surgical Light Model Alpha 700 or Alpha 500
  • Mobile type with battery
  • Operating Tables Models Comfort 300 & YS-100

LED Headlights - Coolview LLC, USA

  • Surgical LED Headlights 19,000-1,40,000 LUX Saline